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Mi amigo

Matt was a truly great friend for many years. We met through his sister circa 1995 and became close almost immediately- we were kindred spirits. We bonded over music, food, family, fishing, pop culture, and girls. Musically, He introduced me to his songwriting and so many other artists - esp local and international independent musicians. We were roommates for a time, and When I moved out west, and then returned nine years later, Matt was there - co-piloting cross country trips that were pure adventure, served as a musical “tour” for his incredible songwriting and provided some of the best times I’ve ever had. When I got married in 2011, Matt was there as best man.

For me personally, it’s been one prolonged, painful, extended “goodbye” to Matt over the course of many years as he struggled with his mental health. Grief stricken as we all are, there is some solace in the closure of these painful chapters. Matt taught me many things - among them: be kind to everyone - even the guy in the corner you may not have noticed, and is not expecting you to talk to them today.

Unlike Matt himself, his music is immortal and will live forever. Thanks for stopping by, reading, listening and reflecting. Peace - Mark

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